Online Counselling Sessions

Our passion is to uncover what may be holding back your personal growth and/or the growth of your relationships and work together to resolve those issues.

Keynote Speaker on various Mental Wellness topics

Maxine Grimetts’ passion for mental wellbeing overflows into speaking about it. She will engage, empower, encourage and enlighten your audience to take actionable steps!

Online Couples Therapy

I am trained to help couples start to see each other as equal partners in the relationship striving towards a mutual goal.

Corporate Trainings

Empower your people, increase productivity, see results! Any business’s most valuable assets are its people. Retaining your best talent is therefore vital.

Online Group Support Sessions

Because people facing depression and other mental health difficulties are likely to isolate themselves, support groups build social connectivity between members.

The Compassionate Space - Online Workshops and webinars

Online Workshops/Webinars

With our Wellbeing Workshops you can equip your workforce with knowledge to support their wellbeing, thus creating a healthy company culture where your business can thrive.

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