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Online Group Support Sessions

Why you should join our Online Support Groups:
  • Access Affordable Treatment
    Support groups are an affordable form of therapy. This makes them more accessible to those who cannot pay for treatment otherwise.
  • Build Social Connectivity
    Because people facing depression and other mental health difficulties are likely to isolate themselves, support groups build social connectivity between members.
  • Receive Emotional Validation
    Many people suffering from a mental health issue experience guilt and shame about their symptoms. Support groups help break the stigma and validate the feelings, thoughts, and emotions being experienced. This helps those affected to accept their condition further and become more open to treatment and recovery possibilities.
  • Participate in a Safe and Non-Judgmental Environment
    Suffering in silence with a mental health issue is common. Support groups help to protect members’ identities and provide non-judgemental advice that will never be shared with others, such as family members, friends or employers.
  • Facilitated by Professional Health Care Providers
    All meetings are led and facilitated by professional mental health workers. This ensures that accurate and helpful treatment advice and coping skills are offered by real experts.
  • Develop a Deeper Understanding of Your Condition
    Support groups also help to provide education about your mental health issue so members can better understand how and why the condition affects them.
  • Learn Healthy Coping Skills
    Most importantly, support groups offer practical tools and skills to help members address and treat their symptoms.


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